Military Bonneville

An inspired ride.

In fall 2013, one of our ambassadors, photographer Darren Hull, shot the Triumph at Bottega Farm Inn and blogged about it afterwards. It seems he agreed this is a story worth telling.  Full credit to him.  Click here to see the original post on his blog. 

Building a classic.

The story of the Triumph build by owner Lane:
"My buddy Brent and I sat in a coffee shop downtown huddled over an iPad. I was showing him pictures I'd collected for inspiration for a new automotive project. My great-grandfather fought for the Royal Air Force in England and I always wanted a vintage WWII style British bike to honour his service. Since I didn't know the first thing about building a custom bike I turned to good friend of mine, Brent Giesbrecht, to help."

"Do you trust me?" Brent asked with a smile. "I do."


It took him months to source parts from all over the world, many of which were used during WWII. The core of the bike was a modern Triumph (for safety and reliability reasons), but most of the rest of it was from that era.


The build also caught the attention of Rebecca Zandbergen of CBC Radio West. Click here to listen to the interview and to hear more about some of the details in the bike and about Brent's process.


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