Gogo Gear Womens Riding Leggings Review

Our womens riding leggings from Gogo Gear are one of our most popular items. The leggings solve the problem many women have with trying to find riding gear that is both protective and fashionable!

The leggings provide a good layer of protection for your legs without being bulky or awkward.

We wanted to do a review of the leggings ourselves, so you can learn more about the pros and cons of this product. Here is our take on trying out the leggings for ourselves!


The leggings are black and quite simple in design, making them an easy staple in your closet that goes with almost anything. Though they are called leggings, they resemble more like skinny jeans than leggings when you are wearing them.

For how thick they are, I was surprised that the leggings still look and feel very slim. I feel totally comfortable wearing these out on a ride and then going into a restaurant after without looking out of place.


It’s really important to follow the sizing chart when ordering your leggings as you will likely need a size or two bigger than you would wear in normal pants. I usually wear a size 8 pant but with these leggings I fit a size 10.

Gogo Gear has also made a tall version of the leggings for those over 5’8”. I am 5’8” tall and here I am pictured wearing the regular length.  

The pants are a bit of effort to put on, especially if you have the knee protectors in. But once on, they feel like any other pair of skinny jeans or jeggings. The knee protectors can feel a little awkward to walk around in at first but you get used to it quickly.

Having pockets on the leggings is also a big plus!


The leggings are made with 100% Kevlar dupont Kevlar fibers which is incredibly durable and will help protect your skin if you take a tumble on your bike. The Kevlar lines the entire pant, rather than just some areas like many Kevlar denim pants.

The knee protector pads are CE-approved and removable, so you can wear the leggings with or without them. Some women prefer to keep them out for everyday rides and only use them for longer trips when they want to feel extra-protected.

The leggings are also water and wind resistant. So no need to worry about riding in colder temperatures or getting caught in a bit of rain!

Overall, the leggings are a very versatile piece of gear that every female rider should own. Whether you’re going for a short rip around the city or a roadtrip, the Gogo Gear Leggings are a great choice for leg protection. You will definitely get your money’s worth with how often you will want to wear them!

-the MotoVida team

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