Day of Reckoning MotoVida Custom

Photo Credit: Darren Hull

"Day of Reckoning" 

The customer liked his 2008 Aprilia Shiver, but wanted something more interesting....more gravel road-savvy.

We re-covered the seat with diamond-stitched custom upholstery. Holes in the side panels and tank cover were cut to give an industrial feel, filled with formed stainless steel mesh, then hand-stitched with leather cord. Six coats of three different colours applied and rubbed through to create multi-toned effect we were looking for.


Tires were changed to largest TKC80s available.

In order to give the bike a dirtier stance (and more legroom), we increased the ride height by 3”, increased the seat height by 2” and raised the handlebars 3”.  Stock angular futuristic headlamp replaced with round LED. The stock exhaust system was retained with internal baffles removed for weight reduction and to improve sound.

Modifications continue as we add skid plates, headlight guards and tweaked the suspension.

Interested in a build of your own? Contact us! brent at or 778-478-2732

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