1973 HONDA MT125

Anyone who cut their teeth riding as a kid in British Columbia’s interior forest trails on an old Honda 50cc went to sleep dreaming of bigger and better bikes.  MotoVida’s complete restoration of this 1973 Honda MT125 is proof that dreams do come true.

Indeed, this was the client’s dream bike when he was a kid and while the bike was in reasonably good condition, the project demanded an entire frame up restoration and a complete engine rebuild. To this end, the client had enthusiastically pre-purchased all of the NOS OEM parts to do the job.  

In all, the project took 4 months from start to finish and the classic Honda styling hasn’t been compromised by any aftermarket parts and all of the original details have been studiously maintained-including the placement of all factory warning labels in their original locations.  

The result is a bike that looks like it rolled off of a Honda assembly line yesterday and is every bit as fun to ride as you imagined when you were 12.

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